16 Jan 2019, 08:47

Google Wants You! Apply to the Google AI Residency Program by 28 January

We are pleased to help Google spread the word about the Google AI Residency Program within the Zindi community.

The Google AI Residency Program is a 12-month research training role designed to jumpstart or advance your career in machine learning research.

Residents will have the opportunity to be mentored by distinguished scientists and engineers from various teams within Google AI, and work on real-world machine learning problems and applications. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to collaborate and partner closely with various research groups across Google and Alphabet.

By applying to this job, you may be considered for all of the locations: Bay Area (Mountain View and San Francisco), New York City, Cambridge (Massachusetts), Montreal and Toronto (Canada), Seattle (Washington State), Accra (Ghana), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Zurich (Switzerland). Residents are placed based on interest, project fit, location preference and team needs. All are expected to work on site.

Applications are due 28 January!

Apply as soon as possible at g.co/airesidency/apply

Some useful links:

• External program website: g.co/airesidency

- Check out the "Learn more about the life of an AI Resident" section in the website that features some Resident profiles and the work they do.

• Job posting for the residency: g.co/airesidency/apply

- Program job description that lists minimum and preferred qualifications for the role.

• Program FAQs: g.co/airesidency/faqs

We recently had a chance to catch up with Phing Lee, Program Manager at Google AI, and Jordan Grimstad, Research Program Manager, Google AI (Europe, the Middle East & Africa), to chat about the Google AI Residency Program.

Zindi: Phing and Jordan, we appreciate your reaching out to the Zindi community about this exciting opportunity. What countries do Google AI Residents usually come from? Have you had anyone from Africa?

Phing: Although predominantly from the USA, many of our Residents (both past and current) hail from various locations as well such as France, UK, India, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Africa!

Our program has seen a few Residents from Africa since it’s launch in 2015. Meet one of them - Julius Adebayo who is from Nigeria!

Jordan: With the AI Residency Program expanding to Ghana (and other new global locations) this year, we are hoping to see more talents with diverse sets of skills, experience and background join the program.

Zindi: Are there any success stories of African alumni of the program? What have they gone on to do?

Phing: While on the 12 month Residency program, Julius successfully authored and published 3 research papers in the field of AI and machine learning. More notably, his work on saliency methods received a Spotlight Paper award at the Conference of Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)!

Julius is currently pursuing a PhD at MIT to further deepen his passion and expertise in safe deployment of machine learning as it relates to privacy/security, fairness, and robustness.

Zindi: What is the relationship between this AI Residency and Google AI Accra?

Jordan: A subset of Residents in the AI Residency Program will be co-located with the Google AI team in Accra. This means Residents will have the opportunity to be mentored by and partner closely with notable research scientists and engineers working on various machine learning problems and applications.

Zindi: We think people will be very excited about this residency program. Any last words of advice for members of the Zindi community who are thinking of applying?

Phing: Submitting a strong cover letter is key to your application! We truly value a well written cover letter that tells a story of who you are, your goals and your motivations - both professionally and personally. Paint a vision of why and how machine learning and being part of the AI Residency Program can help you achieve these goals. See this post produced by previous Residents for tips on how to write a good cover letter!