AI Art
$3,000 USD
Use AI to create an original piece of artwork and music to win a free trip to AI Expo in Cape Town
7 June–29 July 2019 23:59
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Manual tweaking
published 14 Jun 2019, 17:26

I'm loving this competition. A quick question for the Zindi team regarding rules: How allowable is it to modify/post-process the creations? I like to work with the computer, tweaking output and refining the raw results. For example, with the musical entry, are we allowed to add more human constructs like repetition? In my entry ( I used the RNN output as a base, but duplicated some sections and added a few note changes (<10) informed by my own musicality.

PS: All questions on process welcome :)

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Hi @Johnowhitaker. Good question. Yes, as long as the core of your work is created by leveraging AI, you can post-process/modify your art. We have added that an "Artist Statement" is required with every submission. Please explain how you created your artwork, including non-AI enhancements, in your Statement. We are excited to see what everyone comes up with! Good luck!

- The Zindi team