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Missing surveyids ??
published 6 Jan 2019, 23:28
edited ~15 hours later

My submission says its missing surveyids 901, .... and yet they are visible in df.head(5) and in google sheets

Hi Simicode. Are you using the sample submission template - which only has two columns?

Hey, I meant, rows, surveyids to be exact. Thanks

I'm Sorry for the mixup. Its rows

Hi Simicode, since we haven't had any problems with other submissions it might be something in your file? Perhaps try copy pasting into the sample submissions file and submitting that or double check that all necessary rows are present. Let us know if you still experience problems.

Missing entries for IDs 490, 245, 1212, 1302........... similar error

Hi simicode, how did you solve the problem of missing surveyids in your submission file. I'm having similar challenge. Looking forward to a prompt response, thanks

edited 1 minute later

Hi all.

If you are having errors with submissions best place to start is to check two things

1) that your variables (columns) are in the correct order and

2) that your variables (columns) are of the correct class.

We added a little more information to the description of the submission file, which will hopefully help you with your errors.

Good luck!