Farm Pin Crop Detection Challenge
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Classify fields in South Africa by crop type using Sentinel-2 satellite imagery
4 March–15 September 2019 23:59
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More getting started: Tutorials, tools, JP2 files
published 7 Jun 2019, 07:57

In the Data tab you now have 22 Sentinel-2 JP2 files. There are two tiles that make up the entire scene that capture all of the fields. And each of the tile have 11 time slices throughout the year, to allow you to capture seasonal changes to the different crops. The files ending in "JFP" are the 2nd tiles that were previously missing and contain 10% of the fields.

JP2 files:

The JP2 files contain 13 spectral bands plus NDVI.

NDVI is like a flattened image used for measuring vegetation.

Useful Tutorials:

We posted these before, but in case you missed them:

Getting started with Sentinel-2

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