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Are the Submissions hidden? cause I updated my submission but it's not updated in the website.
published 3 Sep 2019, 18:05

my inittial submission is still displayed and my ranking did not change even so I submited better predictions.

Can you tell more how I can get points?

you have to submit the predictions

Am new here tell me how to

Tomorrow morning, i can share with you a baseline notebook to get a 0.14 score using a constant prediction. You can check the code and build on the notebook to create your own model ;)

0.14 ? I got 0.40 in My submission, isn't it supposed to take the biggest value submited?

No, the metric is the error rate , how many data points you misclassify, by default the test set has a ratio of 85% zeros / 15% ones, by submitting all zeros, you get 85 or 86% right hence the 0.14 or 14% error rate

alright thank you very much.

@Blendz 0.14 with only zeros !?

yes. it's one of the first steps , as i read on Kaggle, in competitions ( classification ) is to submit constant predictions and get the feedback score to have an idea on the target distribution in the public test set