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arcgis tutorial
published 11 Jun 2019, 17:43

for those of you having problem with arcgis i made a video on how to use it to add features and enrich your model.

i couldnt edit the video very well so i had to split it into two.

part 1:

part 2:

Wooow...thanks mr Olaleye

Thx M.OLALEYE i can't to add new feature beacuse i havn't enougt credit. How to do ? please !

These are amazing Eniola, thank you.

We have added a link to them on the Zindi youtube page.

Thank you @zindi

Take a bow, Eniola!!!

Good day mr.eniola. please sir is there any chance i can get you email? I would love to communicate you and a few questions.Thank you

edited 3 days later

thank you @akpflow

Great ! Thank you

My guy. we bend knee..kudos