Traffic Jam: Predicting People's Movement into Nairobi
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Uber and Mobiticket team up to predict demand for public transportation into Nairobi
6 September 2018–13 January 2019 23:59
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Nairobi Resident
published 1 Jan 2019, 10:34

Dear all, hope the competition is going well. Personally it has been an interesting one though i have limited time for it. Purpose of this is that am looking for someone who stays in nairobi who can connect me with any of the shuttle or bus conductors. I just need to understand some few things to generate new features. Phone call will do better, thanks mark - Kampala

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@mark maybe you can just ask the questions here, those of us from Nairobi might help. Or it might be easier to connect to someone from Nairobi and ask as well.

Mark you can ask the question here in the discusion forum,any clarifications on data will be provided.

Hello @rwambu, i wanted to understand which group of people frequently visit Nairobi, what are the time sessions normally leave , is it ordinal. 2 which months and weeks do students normally report back to secondary or university. 3 Are there festivals which attract people to nairobi. 4 how is the smartphone penetration in those areas, how are the given areas, are some more urban than others. 5 For people who work in nairobi when do people frequently go upcountry is it towards weekend and return on sunday(that is how people do it in kampala). More coming

Hey Mark, I will try to answer some of the questions. Q1. There is no like specific group of people who visit Nairobi, mostly people who travel from upcountry to Nairobi are people who leave in other counties on the other side(East side of Kenya) or people who are coming from visiting their shagz. Also students who study in schools and university located in those areas also travel as much. Therefore there is diversity in people travelling to Nairobi, dependeing on the needs.

q2. Most schools report back in the month of Jan, May and Sept.

q3. This can only be seasonal, for example when people francis was in Kenya in 2015, many people travelled to Nairobi to see him. Also during swearing in of a new president people tend to travel to Nairobi. Therefore this is seasonal, we do not have repetitive events that make people travel.

q4. The development of the areas are different, for that if you look at the data you will see alot of travels came from kisii town. Kisii in very productive in agriculture could be they are carrying out businesses.

q5. People often go to upcountry for the weekend, however some of these hypothesis should well be answered by the data. In some cases you find the data is abit different from the expectations.

I hope these help.

True makes sense, The data doesnt communicate some of these things. thanks a lot