Wazihub Soil Moisture Prediction Challenge
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Predict soil humidity using sensor data from low-cost DIY Internet of Things in Senegal
29 July–20 October 2019 23:59
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"Your solution needs to use one model to predict soil humidities for all four fields."
published 10 Aug 2019, 20:58

Can I implement 4 different models, one for each field, as long as I compile the results using the format in the sample submission? Or do I need one optimized model that I should apply uniformly across all the fields?

I believe your topic answers the question ha?

Hi simbapy,

You need one optimized model that applys to all the fields.

The aim of this challenge is to create a solution that can be applied to other farms in Senegal, so the final solution needs to be general enough to apply to all fields but still highly accurate.