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Variables understanding
published 26 May 2019, 12:22

Hello guys,

Does anybody knows what's the difference between AccountId and CustomerId ? Could one account have several costumers ?

Dont know the difference but yes an AccountId can be linked to many customerId. you can check it by grouping by AccountId

Indeed, I grouped by AccountId and CustomerId and got different unique values, however the two have unique SubscriptionId. I don't understand how an account could have different customers, what that it means!

Maybe Xente allows to have a kind of "family account" I mean different persons in a family could have one a unique AccountId but different CustomerId ?

@Zindi, @Xente could you please clarify this ?

Accounti is a uniquie idnetifier on platform but customer id is the person that account id is buying a product for.

an account can do one to many customers

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can you elaborate on this please. i mean do you mean that the customer_id can also refer to another account Id

any accountid can buy for the same customerid,look at the customerid as the customer recieving a product

thanks. but can one suppose that the cutomerId can own an account in the plateform. so a customer id also is attached to an accountId as being the owner.

One account holder can purchase items for mulitple individuals, each individual will be assigned a unique CustomerID.