published 3 May 2019, 20:40

Hi guys.

I got one question.

What is the best approach to machine learning for newbies?

There is no fast and hard rule to it. I’d say pic a programming language and get going. I‘d recommend Python then Tensorflow.

From my own perspective,the mathematics of ML is crucial to it understanding but it can be tiresome ,so you can learn along side with it an introduction to any programming language for Data science,it could be R or python.

Thanks for this... I'm already familiar with Python.... Are there some materials you could recommend for ml.

Scikit-learn has plenty of machine learning algorithms that can help you get familiar with it without getting frustrations about its complexity. I recommend you start with Linear Regression, to Logistic Regression, KNeighbors, svm in that order and trust me these algorithms are not the best but will solve a good fraction of the problems you will encounter in machine leaning