Neural Networks
published 3 May 2019, 20:54
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Hi there !! Can anyone help.. have some resources/ideas/advices to Neural Networks from the very basic ? Every tuto I find directly deal with training models 😥

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Hey. There are lots of courses online, but I would like to promote one I found incredibly useful to understand the basics of ML (starting from regression and moving into NNs and then Bayesian-oriented models). It is from Iain Murray at The University of Edinburgh -- his notes are available online at https://www.inf.ed.ac.uk/teaching/courses/mlpr/2018/ -- there are tutorials and solutions as well.

Thanks for that.. gonna have fun 😊

Nice one, @aristako. You may also wanna check out Intro to Deep Learning course on Udacity.com

Dear Alkarid,

I strongly recommend fast.ai course by Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas and http://course18.fast.ai

Don't worry if you dont understand everything from the start, they will fill all missing parts later on. All materials in the course are free. Good luck!


Very usefull.. thanks a loooot 🤝