Zero Tolerance for Multiple Accounts
published 27 May 2019, 06:54

Dear Zindi Community,

At Zindi, our competitions are hosted in the spirit of offering opportunities for data scientists to build and showcase their skills and for organizations to acquire unique solutions to their challenges. Our Terms of Use and Rules are provided in this spirit and are designed to ensure that all participants have equal and fair opportunity on the Zindi platform.

We have noticed possible irregularities in certain submissions. As per the competition rules, competitors are individuals and if working on a team, one individual must make submissions on the team’s behalf, i.e. multiple accounts per user are not allowed and neither is collaboration nor membership across multiple teams. We take breaches of competition ethics very seriously. We consider cheating to be any behaviour that compromises the fairness of the Zindi competition for the other data scientists and for the competition hosts that are offering prizes for unique solutions.

We reserve the right to take effective measures to detect and disqualify any and all fraudulent submissions. We also ask that you as members of the Zindi community abide by our Terms of Use and Competition Rules and demonstrate the highest standards of behavior in your engagement with the platform.

As per Competition Rules and Zindi Terms of Use, we reserve the right to modify Rules at any time. We would like to reiterate current rules and take the opportunity to modify for clarification. This will be effective immediately and will apply to all current competitions.

1. Competitors are currently able to register and submit solutions as individuals only. We reserve the right to disqualify any and all individuals and their submissions originating from multiple accounts.

2. Individuals may collaborate with others and work in teams towards a submission. (We plan to enable team functionality on Zindi in the near future). However, if collaborating with others as a team, it will be your responsibility to designate one person to submit your team’s solution on your team’s behalf.

3. Prizes are transferred only to the individual user that submitted the winning solution.

4. Code must not be shared privately. Any code that is shared, must be made available to all competition participants through the platform.

If you are concerned that you will likely be within the top 10 positions on the final leaderboard and have already, inadvertently or otherwise, breached these terms, you may notify us and we will disqualify the relevant submissions or accounts for you. Please note that we undertake a stringent validation process on the close of each competition regardless, by which any invalid accounts or submissions will be automatically disqualified.

All feedback, comments, and any further communication in this regard can be directed to zindi@zindi.africa

Let’s work together to build a platform of which we can all be proud.