submission constraint
published 7 Jan 2019, 21:24

Dear Zindi Team,

Best wishes for the New Year!

since the Traffic Jam: Predicting People's Movement into Nairobi is almost getting to an end i would suggest at least 10 to 20 submissions would be okay the 5 submission per day would not really help.

Thank you

Regards, eniola

I support Eniolas suggestion especially for those who joined the competition late.

Good models will always come out tops on private leaderboards. Hence, there shouldnt be worry to overfit.

If the goal is to obtain the best model possible, then I suggest 20 submissions per day as is sometimes the case with other similar platforms.

We have just 6 days to go. I will love to utilise every opportunity to test developed models. Hope I am speaking for a few other Data Scientists...



With respect to aforementioned issue on submission constraints, in order to get the best out of the best model, I concur with the suggestion to increase number of submissions per day.


Regards, Yhemmy

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i support eniola at least a 20 submissions would be enough

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I Op_black stand with eniola on this suggestion, dear esteem ZINDI

I disagree with this. 5 submissions per day is enough. Building a good cross validation strategy should be part of the challenge. You don't need to make submissions on zindi to see if your models are good or not.

Hi all,

Thank you for your points and discussion. We have raised the limit to 20 submissions per 24 hour cycle for this competition. Number of submissions are counted in the last 24 hours from the current time.

We will review the submission limits for competitions going forward.

Good luck!

There are still some irregularities. After waiting for 24hrs ,I submitted 5 today and got the limit notification. Has the limit been reversed back to 5 ?