12 Apr 2019, 08:36

Matthew Wolf Thanks the Winners of the Devex Challenge

A short thank you from Matt Wolf from Devex to Zindi and the winners of the Sustainable Development Goals challenge.

Matt Wolf is an Engagement Lead and Senior Analyst on the Analytics team at Devex. Zindi recently held the Sustainable Development Goals challenge for Devex. This was the first Zindi challenge to close, you can meet our winners here!

In this short video Matt explains his company's reasons as to why they needed Zindi and how you as the community helped! Zindi thanks the community for rising to the challenge and making sure Devex received a high quality solution. We thank Devex for believing in us.

This was a multi-label natural language processing challenge whose aim was to classify text content by the 27 indicators of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #3. This competition was launched on 10 September 2018, and attracted over 200 data scientists from across the continent and around the world, of whom 50 made submissions and entered the leaderboard.