18 Apr 2019, 08:14

Meet our Zindi Ambassadors

Zindi welcomes 6 ambassordors to the Zindi family. These data scientists will be flying the Zindi banner for us in Tunisia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

Our ambassadors are all data scientists who believe in the work of Zindi and believe in the potential of data scientists in Africa. They will be holding Zindi events in their regions so keep your eyes open!

Why don't you go to the discussion tab and start a discusion where you can tell us what Zindi means to you and where you see Zindi going.

Shakirah Nakalungi - Uganda

Shakirah is a data enthusiast that never stops learning and who will forever be fascinated by human behaviour and all models that aim to describe it. The data science community in Uganda is still growing and there are few companies that use it to find business solutions. Shakirah is excited to create awareness in the community about Zindi and what it has to offer to both companies and data scientists. She would like to see this happen through regular meetups, hackathons, working with different user groups and taking part in different data events in the country.

Shelmith Nyagathiri - Kenya

Shelmith is a data analyst currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is actively part of a team that transforms data into knowledge, that helps clients scale up products and policies. She is also an active member of amazing data communities in Nairobi, i.e PyData Nairobi, Nairobi Women in machine learning and AI Kenya. Shelmith is also part of the Africans spearheading the Africa R Users movement, whose main aim is to create and spread the awareness, learning and usage of R in Africa. She has been working with R for 6 years, and with Python for 2 years. She enjoys learning new things every day, and is always ready to take up new challenges. She aims to promote Zindi in Universities, through initiation of R/Python campus clubs.

Mohamed Salam Jedidi - Tunisia

Mohamed Salem Jedidi works for Instadeep in Tunisia. He tries to break boundaries and create his own story. As an actor in the data scientist community in Tunisia, Mohamed spontaneously carries out the mission of popularizing the discipline of artificial intelligence. He offers valuable learning opportunities to young and old, in order for them to learn, practice and improve their skills. As an African data scientist Mohamed strongly believes in the full potential of the youth in Africa.

Mohamed is currently ranked #1 on Zindi with 13 025 points. He has certificates in deep learning, sequence models and convolutional neural networks.

Derek Kweku Degbedzui - Ghana

Derek is the founder and president of Ethical AI Research club and labs. He has a BSc Actuarial Sciences and an MBA Business Administration with specialization in Management Information Systems from Kwame Nkrumah University. He is an enthusiastic and result-oriented person, who enjoys being part of and leading a successful and productive team. He is quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions.

Derek is interested in applications of deep learning, soccer and traveling to develop professional and social skills.

Mark Okello - Uganda

Mark is curious by nature. He leads the Kampala R user group which is the largest organized group of data scientists in Uganda. His background is in computer science and statistical learning. He is experienced in data science and has a good knowledge of the local data science community. Mark presents frequently at local events where he carries he Zindi Africa banner.

Mark is brilliant at deep, critical thinking and problem solving. In his free time he plays basketball and reads.

Alfred Ongere - Kenya

Alfred Ongere is an African innovator and technologist who considers himself an impact chaser. He is passionate about using technology to impact people’s lives positively. He founded, and currently leads, Ai Kenya, a community collective of enthusiasts and practitioners in the field of Machine Learning and Data science in East Africa. Alfred believes that Africa, particularly Kenya, shouldn’t be left behind in the advancement of emerging technologies, particularly machine intelligence. Among his top achievements in Ai, Alfred received a honorary mention under the Maathai Impact Award in 2018, which recognizes work by African innovators in the field of machine learning and Artificial intelligence.