15 Apr 2020, 08:04

We’d like to take a moment to say thanks

In the last 18 months, Zindi has grown from a good idea into Africa’s biggest data science competition platform, with more than 12 000 amazing Zindians making the platform a vibrant and exciting hub of data science activity. Getting an African data science competition platform built and thriving takes more than just hard work and enthusiasm - we have a phenomenal network of supportive and committed partners from around Africa and the world. We’d like to take a moment to say thank you to a few of them.


Microsoft needs no introduction. With their vision to empower every organisation and individual on the planet to achieve more, this tech giant has been behind Zindi from the start. Microsoft has supported us through sponsorship of major events like last month’s UmojaHack Africa as well as through the Microsoft 4Afrika SkillsLab Program which gives Zindi and its users access to valuable learning content, certifications and other support to ensure the community has the skills needed in today’s job market. We're also thrilled to be one of the first start-ups included in the recently launched Global Social Entrepreneurship programme.

In the words of Microsoft’s Lawrence Muthoga: “What makes the platform interesting and what makes it really really work is that Zindi is tackling African problems. As an African, as someone who has sat in school wondering what I can do to change the world around me, I can see that Zindi provides a great opportunity for you to put your brain and your fingers to work, and hack away at something that will actually impact lives.”

African Bank

African Bank have more recently pledged their support for Zindi, joining us as Gold sponsors for UmojaHack Africa. African Bank believes in the power of Zindi to empower students and grow data science talent in Africa. You can watch African Bank’s message to African data science students here.

“We are committed to employing and upskilling brilliant data scientists, and welcome opportunities like this to develop and find young talent. What better platform than a competition that showcases the skills of the best talent across Africa,” said Vere Millican, Group Executive for Credit & Data Science at Africa Bank of their support for UmojaHack Africa.


Another steadfast partner from very early in Zindi’s story, InstaDeep has provided much more than just financial and logistical support for UmojaHack Africa. InstaDeep brought Zindi on its journey to make last year’s AI Hack Tunisia a huge success. InstaDeep’s support for Zindi continues with our most recent initiative, the #ZindiWeekendz virtual hackathons for COVID-19 solutions.

And too many more to mention...

The list of incredible sponsors, partners and friends is too long to mention all of them here, but we’d like to acknowledge a few more: Google Research Lab in Accra, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Facebook, the Field Institute, our partners Alliance4ai and Data Science Nigeria, and the many startups and communities all across Africa that share our belief that AI should be for everyone.

Thank you, asante and merci for walking the Zindi journey with us. We couldn’t do it without you!