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Through our community of more than 40 000 talented data scientists, Zindi provides companies, startups, NGOs and governments with world-class machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Zindi is also where organisations come to find the data science and engineering skills that are just right for their needs.

Leverage the amazing power of Africa's largest data science community to crowd-solve your data science and AI challenges, find the right talent, and build your brand while doing good at the same time.

Who we are

We believe talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. We help harness the power of data to connect talent to opportunity and trained abilities to the challenges that need them.

Together we are creating new space and building new connections, breaking stereotypes that degrade and telling new stories that matter. We are unearthing value where others failed to see it even existed. We believe when everyone has a chance to be apart of the solution, we all win.

Our mission is to be the top of mind platform for data scientists to learn data science, grow their community, and build their career.

Zindi exists to solve data challenges by breaking boundaries and fostering connections between talent and the companies that need them.

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Hub for data scientists
Join a community of the world’s
best data

Attract top data science talent to
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problems 'on demand'

Data-driven business
Reduce costs and make your
data work for you
Crowd-sourced solutions
Uncover innovative tailored machine
learning and

Build and grow
Build a pipeline for future recruitment
of skills as
your teams and needs grow

Growth and learnings
Grow skills in your current
Zindi in
Zindi's vibrant African and global community
is at the heart of what we do
40 000 +
Data scientists
500 000 +
Solutions submitted
Solutions delivered to organisations
300 +
University partners
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Host a competition to solve
data problems

Showcase your brand to
our community

Find the best data talent
your organisation

Scale your internal talent
and train your team
Our clients love what we do
“We built the winning models into a dashboard with a customer profile and the likelihood of them leaving the business“
Oswin Zulu,
Chief Digital Officer
Zindi in the press
Over 1200 African students developed machine learning solutions to solve real-world challenges
South African crowd-solving startup Zindi building a community of data scientists and using AI to solve real world problems
Zindi helps develop model to identify informal settlements