Grow your team: identify
and hire hard-to-find talent
Grow your team with Zindi
Zindi specialises in data
science, machine learning and
This means we understand your data
recruitment needs. We can
find the
right candidates for the data job you
need done.
We're data scientists ourselves
Passionate and engaged community
Our community offers hard-to-find,
specialised data skills,
beyond data
science and machine learning.
Unmatched user data and insights
We actively gather data and insights on
skills (both self-reported
and evidence-
based) and user behaviour, so we
their strengths even
better than they do
Meet Our Talent
Data Scientist at a leading pan-African Bank
Top of the Leader board
Deploys AI models into production
Neuro-linguistic programming
Data Scientist in Ghana
Top 3 in 18 challenges
Machine learning all-rounder
Top Kenya University
Top-ranked female Data Scientist
First female winner on Zindi
Top Nigeria University
Top 100 of users
Developer and ML engineer
Actively shares knowledge in discussions
Get hard-to-find talent
We help you find the right candidates for the job
With thousands of skilled individuals

across data science, artificial intelligence,

machine learning and data engineering

specialisations, Zindi is the go-to place

to find talent.
We’re data scientists ourselves
As data scientists ourselves, we have

an innate understanding of the optimal
of technical skills, maturity and

organisational structure that make for
successful data scientist hire.
We leverage multiple data points
A mix of self-reported skills and
based skills collected on
our platform over
the years.
43 000+
data scientists
have completed a college
studying or working in
data science
How it works

We first consult with you to understand your needs. This
includes an assessment of the required skills and experience
and the environment in which the data scientist will be
expected to work.

  • If you need a job spec, we'll help you put one together.
  • Once your job is posted on our platform, we will reach out
    to pre-qualified community members to encourage them
    to apply.
  • We vet the candidates based on data we gather on their
    technical skills and experience.
  • You receive a qualified and vetted shortlist of talented
    candidates to take forward.
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