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Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
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2 December 2019—17 May 2020
Making Predictions
published 17 May 2020, 15:51

Please urgently how would one make predictions for the target_2019? Am a little bit confused?

I would appreciate if I get a response.

separete the df those with 2014 and 2015 will be for training i.e df_x,and those with 2019 for test as df_t.

train your model using df_x with target as target-2015 then predict for 2019 using your model and df_t

Kindly go through the very early discussions...

Someone dropped a starter notebook on how to separate the datasets into Train and test

Please visit the analytics analyticsvidhya blog to do some tutotrials there.. They have very informative articles including on how to train your models.