UNICEF Arm 2030 Vision #1: Flood Prediction in Malawi
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Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
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2 December 2019—1 June 2020
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Test Data
published 14 Dec 2019, 02:03

Are we meant to use the X-Y, Elevation and LC-Type as part of the Test data as well?

Yeah with others variables, The idea of test data , you will test your algorithm and try to find out the prediction on test data and getting the accuracy, matrix confusion

How you create your test data :

Just training data : the training data is the flood extent in 2015 in southern Malawi

Testing data : The test data to measure the accuracy of your model is the flood extent in southern Malawi in 2019 : you need to take all features and target in this year

Thanks, I'm aware of the dates which belong to Train and Test, I was just wondering about the ones I mentioned. I understand now

please added on linkedlin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/garba-moussa-phd-3559a73b/