AFD Solutions for Gender-based Violence Challenge
$5,000 USD
What solutions can you build using datasets related to gender-based violence?
136 data scientists enrolled
28 May—29 August
Ends in 2 months

Gender-based violence is a serious pandemic in Africa and globally. In the first part of this competition, we called on the Zindi community to create and uncover datasets that relate to gender-based violence in Africa. The community submitted a wide range of datasets on social media, laws and regulations, attitudes towards GBV, academic research, and others. Now, we are asing you to put these datasets to use in any way you like, to help make an impact on GBV in Africa.

The objective of this challenge is to use these datasets to create a solution that helps in the fight against GBV in Africa. Your solution can be as creative and innovative as you like. They can take the form of: a data visualisation, a dashboard, a mobile app, a web application, a chatbot, or other solution that uncovers new insights or otherwise enables actions towards combating GBV in Africa.

Please think carefully about the impacts that your solution may have, both positive and negative. Gender-based violence is a sensitive and complex topic that can have legal and ethical concerns, as well as mental and physical health consequences. What might happen as a result of the work you are doing? Will it help people? Could it inadvertantly cause emotional or physical harm?

We strongly encourage you to use the data provided. If you want to use other datasets, you must share the dataset on the discussion forum or email them to us at before 1 August 2021. Zindi will review and approve them, and make them available for all to use.

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