AgriFieldNet India Challenge
Can you detect crop types in a class-imbalanced satellite image dataset?
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Not Favorable for windows users
Data · 14 Sep 2022, 13:14 · 12

Seems this competi is for apple only users. Some of these libraries do not operate on windows. Some latest libraries aren't also available on google colab, making it impossible to pull data

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I am using it on Colab with an older version. Had to change the data loading syntax a little

You right, man. I got better results, using Kaggle, but still cant go through all starter notebook. Have to give up :(

For me I cannot get rasterio and radiant_mlhub to work on colab. I upgraded my python on colab to 3.9 afterwards, if I install a module or package, it works (and I can see the packages using `pip list` )but on importing, it throws:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'rasterio'

A solution to the the download issue on colab has been provided in

Try it out

is that what you used? Do you use windows? It seems google colab doesn't support the latest version of radiant mlhub

To the best of my knowledge, Google colab does not depends on your operating system. I use Linux.

But I thought the link explains how to update colab itself for it to allow installing the package you want.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. As I wrote, I was able to install the right versions successfully, however, for some weird reasons, I could not import them.

I never said google colab depended on the operating system. I said google colab does not support the latest version of radiant ml hub. There is a parameter in the latest version of radiant ml hub which is to help in downloading the data but google colab doesn't support the latest version of radiant ml hub

Hi all, here is an example of how to download the data and extract crop and field labels in Google Colab with python version 3.7.13:

Thank you very much Anna. I will try it

HI, @anna_the_scientist it seems as if the code is not working any longer. Despite pip installing rasterio, it is saying module not found. Anyone with any idea, please?