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Can you detect crop types in a class-imbalanced satellite image dataset?
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Connect · 2 Nov 2022, 12:59 · 5

Read this discussion post to work it out - Pro Tip #1 - Points on Zindi

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Thanks @amyflorida626

I note points decay (exponentially!) over time. Ouch!

You mention in the Pro Tip post that this decay can be arrested if you continually participate, but I don't see that in the rules. How does that work?

Heya skaak, you can nullify the decay if you keep winning competitions. Kinda like replacing what you have lost by participating.

We're trying amy, we're trying ...

Our savings are eroded by zindi-induced inflation, we have to keep on working ... its a hard life, isn't it

Thanks @amyflorida626

Such is the way of life :") I did have a good chuckle a that. Thank you.

making amy smile - I deserve some points for that.

Seriously though, not sure you noticed, but the competition on zindi is becoming insane. Seems all of kaggle is migrating here. Oh well, bring it on ...