Tunisian Fraud Detection Challenge
Detect tax fraud using the Ministry of Finance of Tunisia's data
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20 September 2019

This challenge was designed specifically for the AI Tunisia Hack 2019, which takes place from 20 to 22 September. Welcome to the AI Tunisia Hack participants!

After AI Hack Tunisia, this competition will be re-opened as a Knowledge Challenge to allow others in the Zindi community to learn and test their skills.

Tax fraud is the intentional act of lying on a tax return form with the intent to lower one’s tax liability. Under-reporting is one of the most common types of tax frauds. It consists of filing a tax return form with a lesser tax base. As a result of this act, fiscal revenues are reduced, undermining public investment in much-needed services.

The objective of the challenge is to detect tax fraud. This is one of the main priorities of local tax authorities which are required to develop cost-efficient strategies to tackle this problem.

Using historical data, a supervised machine learning technique that detects potential fraudulent taxpayers will increase the operational efficiency of the tax supervision process.

To read more about the Ministry of Finance of Tunisia, please visit http://www.finances.gov.tn/fr

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