GIZ AI4D Africa Language Challenge - Round 2
$6,000 USD
Calling on the Zindi community to help uncover and create African Language Datasets for improved representation in the field of NLP
396 data scientists enrolled
1 June—2 August
63 days
Uploading large datasets
published 2 Nov 2019, 09:40


The only submission method is upload. This would make the work particularly hard for people with limited access to internet. Can we have an option where you share a link to some repository somewhere? Maybe googledrive or git.

That's a good suggestion but I think the problem with this is the files could be updated remotely which might give an unfair advantage to those uploading static files.

These are good suggestions. If you want to share a repository, please put the link in a .csv or .txt file and upload this as a submission. We will take the file as it is at some point between when you make the submission and the last day of the month.