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SampleSubmission.csv — Missing entries for IDs 0654460
published 21 Nov 2020, 00:15

Hi everyone,

Is there any problem with the Sample Submission.csv file?

Even submitting the same SampleSubmission.csv I receive this error "Missing entries for IDs 0654460"

Try to use the Test.csv file to create your submission file.

I'm still get this error "Missing entries for IDs 001ARY9, 00225CJ, 003FYM6, 004CLSX, 0069ILR and more" .I tried to used ID from the submission file and test file but still not working. Any help?!!

I'm still having the same problem:

"Missing entries for IDs 0654460"

My Submission.csv file looks exactly like the SampleSubmission.csv (only with different 'label' values).


If you look at all the other IDs they are 7 chars long.

When making a submission make sure the IDs that are less than 7 to add a 0 to the beginning.

If you open the ss or submit it you will see ID 0654460 is written as 654460 so you just need to add the 0 to the beginning to make it 7 chars long.

Thanks! Solved the issue for me.