AI4D iCompass Social Media Sentiment Analysis for Tunisian Arabizi
$2,000 USD
Can you classify sentiment in the Tunisian Arabizi dialect?
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20 November 2020—28 March 2021
129 days

maybe you should verify with this new player who can achieve the second place in 7 days :)

I guess it seems legit as he has already submitted 68 files, also there is no much difference between him and the other top 10 scores.

Yeah it seems very suspucious..

He joined the day after the ban of the second participant..and even his Linkedin is newely made.. he really made 68 subs to avoid any doubt.. but it seems very weird..

Account created 7 days ago , Date where the two competitors were excluded and Hop got the same score 0.8484 after that :)

hey man, I don't see where is problem exactly. I am already participating in a second competition and I hold a second ranking. as an old kaggler i am pretty used with competitions

i wonder why are you so bitter about it, i justs dont want people seeing my private life!

Ah just 20 mins ago you just shared your private life! But now, you change your mind.. it is cool ! I think Zindi should be more strict about this..