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using kernel
published 12 Apr 2021, 11:36

Hello, is using Kaggle kernel allowed ?


I don't see any problem in using It if it open source and anyone use it freely

It's mentioned in the rules that uploading data to kaggle is prohibited, but as far as I know If I upload data in my personal account it stays private. Or am I wrong ?

Thanks in advance


@yass can please clear what how u are using Kaggle kernels is it for coding because I use it fro training my model too in private

Exactly for that, and to train you need to upload the data ! My concern is that this would be considered as not allowed

ok as I said I do so and I find no problem with it "in Private". but until then u can use Colab if this still troubles you and wait for Zindi to clear that

Yes that's what I m doing thanks