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ZINDI Package Overview
published 13 Feb 2021, 15:41
edited 1 minute later

Hi all,

this is a quick overview on the Zindi Package that we are trying to build and that is in testing now.


This package will help you to :

  1. Login to Zindi ;
  2. Select and Join a challenge ;
  3. Download data directly on your cloud instance (GOOGLE COLAB, AWS, ...) ;
  4. Pushing submission files to Zindi ;
  5. Checkout your rank, the remaining submission, the Leaderbord and the Submission-board directly in you notebook ;
  6. Create a team and invitations to other participants, disband your team ;

Help us by testing the package and report bugs and request features.

Thank you all.

Excellent notebook very helpful for everyone

This is supe helpful. Thank you so so much!