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Can you translate Yorùbá to English?
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4 December 2020—30 May 2021
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Starter Notebook

Hello Zindians

Maybe it is late but better late than never, i created a notebook based on encoder decoder models to translate Yoruba to English.

this is a link to the starter notebook

Good Luck

Hi Klai... thanks for this.

In running this:

model.fit_generator(generator = generate_batch(X_train, y_train, batch_size = batch_size),

steps_per_epoch = train_samples//batch_size,


validation_data = generate_batch(X_test, y_test, batch_size = batch_size),

validation_steps = val_samples//batch_size)

Below is the error generated:

InvalidArgumentError: indices[127,0] = 15790 is not in [0, 15790) [[node model/embedding/embedding_lookup (defined at <ipython-input-43-a780c545a7a7>:5) ]] [Op:__inference_train_function_13820]

I tried checking StackOverflow but no familiar solution.

How do I go about this? Thanks