AirQo Low-Cost Air Quality Monitor Calibration Challenge
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Powering up low cost air quality monitors in Kampala, Uganda
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30 April—6 June
38 days

This challenge was orignally launch as a hackathon at DataFest Kampala. It is now open to the whole Zindi community.

Over the past few years AirQo has built up a network of over 50 low cost air quality monitoring devices in Kampala and a further 50 across Uganda. We have designed, refined and improved the devices over time and we think that they are awesome. But low cost devices are only indicative, they are not as accurate as ‘Reference monitors’ (although they only cost 1% of the price) and so to increase the validity of our work we need to calibrate our low cost monitors against the reference monitors to ‘power up’ our results and bring them as close as we can to international reference standards.

We have three locations: Makerere, Nakawa and US Embassy. Each contains a reference monitor collocated with a low cost monitor to allow a comparison over many months that can be used to train and test the model. Some supplementary and metadata has also been included to help things along

The objective of this challenge is to develop a model that will take low cost device data and other supplementary data and transform it as accurately as possible to the reference value.

This model will allow Airqo to ‘power up’ the accuracy of our measured results so they can be shared with the world as reference grade to ensure accurate insights are provided and decisions are made by citizens, government and industry that reflect the true air quality values.

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AirQo is a research project of the Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences. We are committed to using technology to solve social problems across Africa with a current focus on Air Quality. With support from Google we have developed a network of low cost devices across Uganda and are using ML/AI to build forecasting, spatial and now calibration data. We share our insights on our platform, app and website with the aim of raising awareness of the causes and consequences of poor air quality and to provide data driven, actionable insights to reduce air pollution across Uganda and to other African cities.

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