AirQo Low-Cost Air Quality Monitor Calibration Challenge
Powering up low cost air quality monitors in Kampala, Uganda
$1 000 USD
Ended almost 2 years ago
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Good for beginners
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Data · 11 May 2021, 20:28 · 10

@Zindi Kindly delete last 2 submissions.

if possible remove records for site "USEmbassy" and rescore leaderboard as true target is readily available.

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🤔🤔I don't get this, can you explain better

11 May 2021, 21:00
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What I understand by this is that there may be a target leakage. The leakage may be in USEmbasy. I have not yet identified the leakage. Maybe @Dellins can explain this more.

12 May 2021, 08:12
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Nothing difficult, the records for site USEmbassy are available online.

No wonder.... I see.....

I can see @Engineer you had done some research. You have some domain knowledge in the airquality field.

I have read somewhere on the rules which says "You may use only the datasets provided for this competition".

Thank you @Dellins for your explanation. I have not yet seen the records for site USEmbassy. Incase I come across the records online, I will not use because @amyflorida626 has explained that we should not use the records which are available online.

Hello, please do not use that dataset. If you have please email with the IDs of the submissions you would like removed.

We will be doing a stricter than normal code review for this challenge.

12 May 2021, 11:00
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