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Looking for one (or two) team member(s)
published 19 May 2020, 20:23

Hello everyone,

I am looking for one team member (or two) to join me to finish this competition, with a score below 37.5 or at least some original ideas. My model is a CNN so it would be perfect to find someone with a good single XGB-Catboost model that can ensemble nicely. If interested, we would discuss our approach quickly!

Have a good night,


Hello Paul,

Can you contact me on LinkedIn please (link in bio) ?

Hi Pednt, if you haven't already teamed up, can you send me a request/message on Linkedin. My best single model is a Gradient Boosting one with a score of around 36.3xx. Getting that score with CNN is amazing. I tried CNN and could only get to a minimum of 40.