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is it normal that 2 models give me the same RMSE ?

Exactly the same RMSE? lol ..not normal but nothing wrong in it.

Getting the same RMSE upto 3-4 decimals could be a coincidence, but more than that the chances are almost completely zero. Say 36.5 and 36.5 is a coincidence, 36.55 and 36.55 is again a coincidence with a smaller chance, 36.553, and 36.553, could also be a very lukcy coincidence, but if you tell me 36.5532 and 36.5532, I would say its not possible, unless the same exact method is used to generate them.

2 different models ! the same result , i know that it is impossible but i get it !! there is no explication lol

LOL, I would still say there's some mistake. Check the predictions maybe the first 10 of both models, are they same :D ?