Akeed Restaurant Recommendation Hackathon by #ZindiWeekendz
Predict which restaurants in Oman customers will most likely order from
$300 USD
Ended almost 3 years ago
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Problem Formulation
Data · 15 May 2020, 17:57 · edited 6 minutes later · 9

Has someone figured a way out to formulate the train target test?

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I ess people should randomly submit 0s and 1s in the submission file. The lucky random guess wins !!

lol changed the heading. You were fast Nikhil :D but seriously this data requires more dollars and time. It is a full-blown project in itself. Starting from formulating the problem.

Lol 😄. Yes it's definitely not for the weekend.

Im wondering how people get 0 as score !

It seems weird!

15 May 2020, 18:17
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Yes. Equivalent to 1. Just invert the 0s and 1s :D

They are lucky! I want to get that 0 too lol 😂

I don't know what is happening here. He must be getting all true positive value wrong for precision and recall either to be 0. Oh I get it he must have submitted all 0s then true positives i.e 1, in this case, will give 0 precision and recall. So inverting it will not give 1 as now he will have false positives as well. @devnikhilmishra am I right?

I put random numbers between 0 and 1 in the target and I got 0 xD