Alvin Smart Money Management Classification Challenge
Can you classify purchases recorded on Alvin into different categories?
$3 000 USD
Ended 6 months ago
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Financial Services
multiclass classification or multilablel classification?
Help · 24 Jun 2022, 21:22 · 7

is this competition about multiclassification or multilablel classification or both?

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Definitely, a multiclassification challenge IMO

24 Jun 2022, 22:51
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Going through the data and reading the description I also think that it is a Multi-Class-Classification-Task.What I find confusing is the Evaluation-part on the Descriptionpage:The rows do not sum up to 1. IMO this would speak against Multi-Class-Classification.

Transaction_ID       Bills & Fees   Data & WiFi   Education   Emergency   ...
ID_aclde4g8          0.93           0.21          0.78        0.34        ...
ID_gzsdiej7          0.45           0.78          0.12        0.09        ...

I tried a simple submission with all entries==1. Not only did that not throw an error but gave a relatively good score of 2.56. That is kind of confusing if you compare that to the Benchmark == 13.62.

25 Jun 2022, 08:19
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Something Serious Needs to be done to the scoring on zindi... It is for most part disappointing

You should submit probabilities, not exact labels. Try this approach and it will increase your score dramatically

How do I get the proba submission

Just train a model with an option of prediction probability.

For instance, you can take a look at the Random Forest approach ( use predict_proba method after training)