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missing id on submitting
Help · 12 Jul 2022, 17:25 · 7


i have issue when i submit file , issue is missing id for predection but when i open file i found the id inside the sheet with prediction .

kindly advice .



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keep the sequence of the columns as given in the SampleSubmission.csv file.

Transaction_ID, Bills & Fees, Data & WiFi, Education, Emergency fund, Family & Friends, Going out, Groceries, Health, Loan Repayment, Miscellaneous, Rent / Mortgage, Shopping, Transport & Fuel

12 Jul 2022, 17:36
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i re index column but same issue still exist

When making the the csv file make sure to set index=False

Submission.to_csv('sub.csv', index=False)

12 Jul 2022, 22:03
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already done , but issue still exist

Check if you have dropped accidentally any test set samples (e.g. dropping them because they contain outliers) and comment that code.

Check you are using model.predict_proba with your model. Not model.predict

Check that you have concatenated the transaction_id column of the test set to the submission file.

any help i already do before suggestion ?

13 Jul 2022, 14:49
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I have the same problem.. Did you manage to correct it?

26 Oct 2022, 08:26
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