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Error in while running submission code

I was trying to run the = predictions and I got an error: 'Length of values (12079) does not match length of index (5177)


In your model prediction

Ensure you do model.predict(test)

And not model.predict(Train)

12079 is the length of data for the train dataset, so make sure you're doing the right thing by predicting for test dataset.

There's something definitely wrong with the predictions variable,

Debugging steps,

1, Check the length of the prediction variable itself to see if it's 5177

2, Go through your whole code to ensure that you're not changing the prediction variable anywhere else


Len(prediction) is giving me 12079. How do I resolve this please. Help me. Am frustrated already

Maening that you're predicting for train dataset not test dataset. It should be 5177. Take your time and check through your codes from the beggining to make correction.