AutoInland Vehicle Insurance Claim Challenge
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Can you predict if a client will submit a vehicle insurance claim in the next 3 months?
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26 March—27 June
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Updated data files
published 23 Apr 2021, 15:56
edited 4 minutes later

Hi all,

Just want to point out that there is a starter notebook and a tutorial video that will guide you through making a submission on Zindi. Congratulations to everyone on the leaderboard!

One of our Zindi Ambassadors pointed out that there were duplicate data across the train and test files. We have updated the test and sample submission files to exclude the duplicate data and will be rescoring the leaderboard in the following week.

All the best and may the best model win!

Thanks for the update

You should also update the data description! There isn't anymore 17000 data points, but around 13000... The test sample appears to have decreased from 5177 points to 1202 ...

Regards ....