AutoInland Vehicle Insurance Claim Challenge
$1,000 USD
Can you predict if a client will submit a vehicle insurance claim in the next 3 months?
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26 March—27 June
Ends in 2 months
Reset of Total Number of Submissions
published 24 Apr 2021, 20:55
edited ~13 hours later

@Zindi Having used a whole month on this project, researching, cleaning, engineering and modelling in order to achieve an accurate prediction as regards the objective of the whole project ( i.e predicting wether a client will submit a vehicle insurance claim or not). I think it will be fair enough if "Total Number of Individual Submissions" should as well be reset along with Leaderboard scores that's yet to be updated by Zindi this coming week. Some participants had uploaded 100 submissions, even more than or close to half of the total number of submissions while looking for a better way to have good prediction due to this "discrepancy caused by previous (old) test dataset" which actually had a major negative effect on F1_scores people have been getting on Leaderboard prior to newly updated test dataset.

Eagerly waiting to hear from Zindi on this.

Exactly my thoughts too!

Thanks @KolatimiDave for having same thought on this as well.

Really want to hear more from participants on this. We shouldn't forget the fact that we still have a long way to go (two months) in this project.

I totally agree. That will help us a lot.

Thank you @MICADEE for raising the issue. I had also used quite a number of submissions. If the number of submissions can be reset, it will be fair for everyone, considering that the competition ends in two months.