Cain’s Jawbone Murder Mystery
Can you solve the 6 murders of 1934?
$300 USD
Ended 26 days ago
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75 or 100 pages
Data · 22 Dec 2022, 02:17 · 3

Just to clarify - we get 100 shuffled pages and order them correctly and then you score us on the order of the first 75 pages? Or we get full marks if we can put at least 75 in order?

I think all the info and data pages discuss 75 pages and the book actually contains 100 pages, so please just clarify this a bit @zindi @amyflorida626

Thanks a lot - also for this nice, fun challenge ...

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Hello, you need to order the first 75 pages of the book but the whole book is provided because orginal page 1 could be actual page 99, meaning you might need page 98 and page 100 to get the flow of the story.

So you need to submit the actual/correct page number for the first 75 pages.

Hope that makes sense.

22 Dec 2022, 10:54
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@amyflorida626 my goodness amy, I thought you're on holiday. What would we do without you?

Thanks amy. I suppose the host also did not want to give it all away. But look at the leaderboard, the host has nothing to fear. This is a tough nut to crack.

Hello, thanks for your reply. It is now clear.