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Binary search
Platform · 27 Dec 2022, 11:09 · 6

Binary search is a great thing! I think a team of three people (600 submissions) could solve this problem. Only this decision will not be defended))

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Thanks for this interesting topic. I don't think your argument is correct.

- We know there are only 50 public pages (25 pages are hidden, 25 pages are "missing".

- A team could not submit more than 200 subs. I spent 8 subs to get one anwser (1 sub to know if the page is in the public set, 7 subs for searching).

Anyway, if you are going to share here your probed pages, we will do the same. We know 3 "correct pages".

27 Dec 2022, 12:57
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Yes you are right.

But I didn't mean the official team.

And the solution to the problem is all 75 pages in the public test and get a score = 1.00.

And the more pages are already known, the fewer steps are required to search.

Good luck!

final_pages = {3:2, 22:5, 45:6, 27:9, 29:12, 15:13, 8:14}

I really appreciate your sharing. Here are our probing result

OriginalPage=10 CorrectPage=74

OriginalPage=49, CorrectPage=75

OriginalPage=13, CorrectPage=76 (I need 1 more sub to confirm this mapping)

This is such a fun puzzle, but also extremely difficult. I've been wondering for a while, suppose we all work together. How can we then make progress with this.

As Victor points out, one way is to probe.

It seems some problems today are solved not by individuals but by large collaborations of people (e.g, Higgs boson). Is it possible to somehow combine approaches on this problem? And can it lead to progress?

O! Looking at the leaderboard, someone has already confirmed our research :)

Yes, I believe so. BTW, I just figured out that

"OriginalPage=13, CorrectPage=76 (I need 1 more sub to confirm this mapping)" => is WRONG.

That's why the score is only 0.18 == (7 + 2) / 50