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image explanation
published 31 Oct 2020, 09:11

hi, @organizators, can you please provide more info about images,

if 'quality' is Good does it mean that image cover only field? or some pixels are related to field and others are not about fields?

found that center pixel is field))) now clear

Glad you figured it out: To clarify further: for a 'Good' field we're pretty sure the center pixel is the field, for a medium one the center pixel is the best guess for the field and for a low quality one we have no clue :)

How did you find out that the center pixel is the field?

in data explanation there are note:

The imagery is all presented at 10m resolution, and the image is 41px a side. The center (im[20, 20]) is the field location.

but I found that some images have 40 or 42 pixels a side