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Yield data
published 1 Dec 2020, 23:02


we were wondering what the yield value describes. Does it represent the total amount that was harvested on a field (larger field = larger yield) or is it measured in some kind of unit e.g. 5 tones yield / hectar land?

We would appreciate your help,

best Malte

Not sure at all, but according to the "info" tab or Description, said "yield in tons per acre".

ah yeah your right, thanks :)

It is a value per unit area. I think it's tons/acre as Ernesto says. The measurement is done by researchers in the field, harvesting a small, fixed area of maize from somewhere inside the field and weighing the total crop produced - this is then used to extrapolate to yield per acre.

"On arriving at each field to be sampled, the enumerator randomly generated a number from 1 to 4 using their tablet to determine which corner of the field to go to. The enumerator then walked 4 steps along the row and 4 steps into the field to set the starting point for the first crop cut. The second crop cut was placed 8 steps towards the opposite corner, from the corner of the first plot which is closest to the centre of the field. Placement of the plot may be adjusted slightly to avoid any obstacles such as termite mound and trees in the fields, although this happened very occasionally during the campaign. The size of crop cut plot is 5 × 8 m2 . Harvested maize was stored in labelled bags for each crop cut, then dried, shelled, threshed and winnowed before enumerators returned for final weight." << I was curious about the actual methodology - here we are :)

cool thanks a lot for the extensive overview! Do you have any further information how large an average field was?

I don't have figures offhand but they're generally quite small.