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published 9 Dec 2020, 12:14

Dear Zindi Team,

I am new to machine, what does the .shape mean when it is 360, 41, 41

Hi I am not from the Zindi team but hope I can help. For this challenge, it means your array has 360 bands (30 bands for 12 months). Each of thes bands has 41x41 pixels.

@lgorman, does this mean that the image is of 41x41 pixels with 360 dimensions?

Hi @AidyOsu. So if you had a "regular image" of 3 dimensions (red,green,blue) your shape could be (3,41,41). In this case you have the 30 bands (from sentinel and CLIM), each for 12 months, meaning your shape is (360,41,41). These are all 2D images (2 dimensions in the spatial sense), with each band measuring a different variable (e.g. NIR, Red, Blue). You can think of each band as a dimension if it helps though. I hope that helps!

Hi @lgorman really appreciate. thanks