CGIAR Crop Yield Prediction Challenge
$3,000 USD
Can you predict maize yields on East African farms using satellite data?
620 data scientists enrolled, 195 on the leaderboard
AgriculturePredictionComputer VisionUnstructuredImageSatelliteSDG2
21 October 2020—7 February 2021
110 days
Extension of Deadline for Challenge
published 1 Feb 2021, 01:51

@Zindi can the deadline for the competition be kindly extended. This would be greatly appreciated, as this would provide more time for improving the leaderboard score, thereby creating better models.

How i wish Zindi deadline can be extended like you said. It would have been a wonderful opportunity to create more of very robust models that can generalize very well. It's a pity that there's no chance to upload a submission file again after today.

Good luck to all the participants.