CGIAR Crop Yield Prediction Challenge
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Can you predict maize yields on East African farms using satellite data?
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21 October 2020—7 February 2021
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How to reach top 4 - Solution Code
published 17 Feb 2021, 14:39

Hello Zindians ,

as mentioned in this discussion we will not share our solution code , But instead of it we will share a Top 4 Solution Code for Learning and sharing Knowledge.

This Solution contains :

  • Some Feature Engineering : Including creation of Some Vegetation Indexes, Some Red Band Features
  • How to Use Perfectly with the Additional Data.
  • 5KFold Xgboost Model

Star The Repo if you enjoy It .

Link : Top_4_Solution_Code

@ASSAZZIN Nice approach. Thumbs up. But codes are incomplete, you fail to define 'get_GRNDVI_data' like you guys did for get_SAVI_data, get_EVI_data & get_NDVI_data respectively.

Yeah you're right , Solved :) , thanks

Okay. Cool..... Thanks for sharing.