CGIAR Wheat Growth Stage Challenge by CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture
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Predict which phase of growth wheat crops are in using photos taken by farmers in India
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28 August—4 October
38 days
How to submit code for CGIAR Wheat Growth Stage Challenge
published 6 Oct 2020, 10:42

My appologies if it's a newbie question to ask but it's my first experience on Zindi. I received an email that says to send the winning solution code to "this" email for verification.

But I'm confused how i have to send my code. Like do i have to create one Github Repository, refactoring the code with a well documented and have to send my code in that way or do i have to create one jupyter notebook where i'll be writing all of my code and have to send that single notebook for verification.


I think there are some guidelines somewhere (@zindi?) but the general idea is to make it easy to reproduce your results, since part of the code review process involves re-running your code to make sure it gives the same score. That could mean a nice well-documented repository, or just a jupyter notebook with clear instructions that recreates your entry.

Hi @RsTaK, thanks for your quesiton and welcome to the team! You can see full guidelines on submitting your code for review and verification here: Good luck!