CMU Africa Data Science Club Challenge #1: Computer Vision for Image Classification
A learning competition for CMU Data Science Club and AI Saturdays Kigali in Rwanda
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11 March 2019

This challenge was designed by Carnegie Mellon University Africa Data Science Club in Rwanda in partnership with AI Saturdays Kigali, specifically for the students of the Carnegie Mellon University and general AI saturdays Kigali community with a modified dataset from UCI machine Learning repository, which takes place between 16 February - 18 May. Welcome to the CMU students and AI Saturdays Kigali members!

CMU Africa Data science club has made this competition open to the Zindi community to learn and test their skills. Anyone is welcome to enter this 'knowledge' challenge.

Description of the challenge:

The instances were drawn randomly from a database of 7 outdoor images. The images were hand-segmented to create a classification for every pixel. Each instance is a 3x3 region. Your task is to predict if a 3x3 image region belongs to one of seven classes (window, foliage, brickface, sky, grass, path, cement).

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