Cryptocurrency Closing Price Prediction
Can you predict the closing price for a cryptocurrency?
$1 000 USD
Ended over 1 year ago
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where is the Give UP Button
Connect · 26 Jul 2021, 08:13 · edited 1 minute later · 4

I wanna Quit This competition.....I have already gave everything into this competition

Someone managed To Get a Score 0f 39.... and i am not even close to 40

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Do not give up, let us keep trying

26 Jul 2021, 09:27
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Still 2 months to go

26 Jul 2021, 12:18
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What's the trick that you guys are using. I have tried almost everything. I am not improving. Which models are you using. I have tried xgboost, catboost, and lightgbm and they are not performing well.

27 Jul 2021, 06:42
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@BrightXO, you have a great score. You should not worry.

27 Jul 2021, 06:47
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